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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good and Easy (Version 1974)

It's been a little while since I've had some fun with Betty Crocker. February? March? Too long for sure. I can sit back and blame my shortcomings on the last time I've been inspired by a Betty Crocker cookbook. I haven't perused a book and let her tell me how I should cook, clean, live, laugh, love. Well, it's all coming to a close immediately. 

This isn't my first Good and Easy Cookbook. But it certainly is my last. Life as I know it will cease. I know it will. We all need to find our inner Betty Crocker and run with it! Yeah, I'm not feeling it either. I think my Betty Crocker experience is limited to boxed cake mixes and boxed potatoes. I never claimed to be someone who likes to cook.

Anyway..let's get to the book, shall we? 

Betty Crocker's Good an Easy Cookbook, 1974. Another thing that happened in that year was me. Look out world. I wish I still had relatives to tell me if they actually cooked like this.
Ahh Betty. Always inspiring and letting women know that we CAN do this. All we need is a little Betty to kick us in the asses so we aren't ho-hum.
Alright, I'll stop right here. I need to how to ride the road to good and easy mealtimes. But if I didn't scan things and crop things like an idiot, all of the letters would be there. This just isn't going to happen right and I feel like I have let Busy Women Everywhere down.
That's right. You are part of the lucky ones if you own a freezer in 1974. You are an elite.
Ehh..I'm not going to bash this one because it looks suspiciously good. Maybe I'm just hungry.
Huh? That seems like so much..effort.
Therein lies the problem with pot roast. It does linger on. The smell lingers on for a day or two and I have to get a little eager with the body spray because I feel like I smell of pot roast everywhere I go.
I have a feeling liver and onions would cause the same odor problem. Probably worse. I would either be stuck in the house with a liver and onion smell or go out in with a liver and onion smell. Lose-lose.
Liver Creole. Okay. An unknown of unknowns that I will keep unknown.
Betty's signature Giant Burger. Ground beef and cream cheese. Winning combination. Don't let my sarcasm go over your head.
Looks like it couldn't be too bad. Pineapple Stuffed Spareribs. "Pineapple" and "stuffed" are words to be taken literally. A can of pineapple and a box of stuffing make this happen.
When all else fails, pineapple cherry glazed bologna (or "horse cock" as my father so aptly put it. Took me years to figure out what he meant) should do the hunger pang trick.
Seasoned City Chicken. The only other time I have heard of city chicken was on an episode of Chopped.
Schnitzel Surprise. The surprise could be the ham and cheese in the middle or that there are frozen breaded veal patties being called a schnitzel.
Not coping with cancer. Not coping with depression. Coping with cutlets. Sounds like such a first world problem.
I'm sure the little piggies run to the trough every time they hear the cans opening.
Cheese-Spinach Souffle. The one even I couldn't mess up. Frozen souffle and frozen spinach.
Does anybody remember eating this? It sounds so 1970s. I am trying to see a 1970s woman trying to look this up in her 1974 Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cookbook and being excited at the find.
Cucumber Relish Mold. Somewhere someone decided that lime jello and cucumber would work together. And there was no going back. 

I'm so shocked this food artistry didn't catch on. Betty was way ahead of her time balancing the prepared food on top of the canned ones. Brilliant. Hot vegetable relishes.
Brussels Sprouts as far as the eye can see.
Creamy Corn and Cucumber. That amount of corn will not be digested for months. Corn and cucumber though? Really?
Oven Fried Eggplant. Okay, this is getting just absurd.
And why not?
Mock Pizza. I used to get this bullshit served in school growing up. They were called pizza burgers and they were nasty. I can still taste them and I think I need to cleanse my palate.

I do believe we have all been Bettyfied and hopefully everyone ends this day a nicer person. I'll struggle with it though.


  1. Fish stick breakfast?! Oy....wish there was a photo of that monstrosity :D

  2. The ground beef and cream cheese made me dry-heave. Gross!
    "Coping with cutlets" made me laugh a little. She acts like they're a disease or something..
    Cucumber-relish mold? *dry-heaves*
    My Grandma once made oven-fried eggplant. Hmm wonder if she got the recipe from this cookbook??
    Fish sticks for breakfast? Ain't nobody got time for that (nor the stomach might I add. woof!)