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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Foodarama Party Book Revisited

Hello! I know, groan, why am I redoing an old book that had a previous post already done? Because if you look at the post, it was one of my very first entries and I only included a couple of pictures. When I was doing my first holiday compilation, I went through the Foodarama Party Book, 1959, one more time and really noticed I missed a lot of worthy pictures. I certainly did not give it the full Bad and Ugly of Retro Food treatment. 

Until now. Some of the older books in older posts will be getting the second eyeball treatment so don't be surprised to see some again. It's not that I am running out of material because I have a whole stack of books and cards waiting to present themselves to you.

Foodarama Party Book, 1959
From reading these ideas, I would totally flop at party planning. Kids today expect parties to be held at expensive kid places, a bounce house, expensive cake, pizza, etc. And after all that money is doled out for a kid's party, the parents aren't respectful enough to R.S.V.P. so it's a lose-lose.
Rainbow birthday cake with colored marshmallows. Or what looks like play doh balls.
Which brings me to my first birthday cake in 1975. Creepy clowns and elephants. My parents kept in the tradition of a salt and pepper shaker and I admire the brownish plates. I have two bowls from that set.
Valentine's Day spread. There's a bit of an overkill on the red. Wilted roses, red curtains, red, red, red. Maybe this is setting the theme for a macabre night.
Valentine dinner to go with the red, red, red.
Banana sea foam. Looks more like a brain hemorrhage to me.
A few things don't exist anymore. Recognizing Washington's birthday to the point of having a full out party and dime stores.
That must have been quite a hoe-down in those days. "I cannot tell a lie" has been debunked. Maybe it did not set the precedent for honesty, but lying politicians. Perhaps this axe in the cake is symbolic. I don't know. Politics are annoying.
As a woman who was not born and bred in the 1950s or 1960s, I find these Newburgs and sandwich loaves to be somewhat unbelievable. Obviously they happened. What woman is really going to delicately sip on a bowl of this stuff, dipping their toast points ever so proper? Maybe with a few cocktails, it will go down easier.
Party Sandwich Loaf. What looks like a cake from afar is not a cake. It's a stacked sandwich with cream cheese frosting, parsley and the omnipresent pimiento stuffed olives. A slice of this and a bowl of Newburg with cocktails makes for a great ladies' gathering. I think. The books tell me this is what I'm supposed to think. I just can't see my mother or other ladies of this era eating this. 
Why share when everybody should get their own individual frozen fruit and cheese salad mold?
I think it's safe to assume in the Bridezilla era of today, bridal showers are no longer a surprised to the honored guest.
Baby shower food! With the frozen pineapple chunks, cooked bananas, chicken, avocado, cinnamon, grapes, and 1/4 cup fat, all the creator of this dish could come up with is "Party Chicken?" I never had weird cravings during my pregnancies, but maybe a pregnant woman with food cravings came up with this.
Eggs Marguerite. Basically egg yolks baked on top of whipped egg whites. Okay. There's gross in simplicity after all.
Hawaiian Chicken Curry. Hands down the most watery looking chicken curry I've seen in any books. There's a line between chunky vomit and curry looking food that was not crossed.
Flank Steak with Fruit Stuffing. That color of pink is not settling right with me. It can be construed more as a mucous membrane pink. And when I see it like that, my mind goes places it doesn't need to go.
Golden Potato Salad with Mustard Salad Dressing. I don't think I need to say too much more about that. It sounds gross and it's basic.
Listeria time! Ham rolled with green onions and probably something white, horsecock (bologna), pimiento loaf, and what in the hell are the round slices with all those little pieces? This is a picnic I need not attend because I either won't eat anything or I will spend the majority of the time grossing out others as I get a little too descriptive.
Circus cake with creepy clowns.
"Morning after" eggs. Exactly what event was so special that these are going to be served?
Broccoli California. It looks to me like this broccoli has been overtaken by the olives and is going to lose this battle.
Three layer salad. How on earth did I miss this the first time? Lemon gelatin, sweet pickles, walnuts, pimiento stuffed olives. The magic is the weight of the added ingredients will "self-layer" themselves.
Bananas Melba. I'm starting to hate bananas.
Holiday Orange Pudding. These "Hard Sauce Snowmen" with their little comical "x" eyes do nothing to contribute to the livelihood of this. They look like they are comically dead and holding this pudding up.
Holiday Egg Nog. I'm from the old school of thought that egg nog should be liquid and not fluffy.
If you made a New Year's resolution to increase your saturated fats then this rib roast is for you!
 And now I can put this book to rest.