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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Touch of Sour Cream

Out of all the things I post on here: Aspics, salmon molds, weird molds, meatloaves, eggs, scary salads, fish in strange sauces, casseroles, cheesy things, crawly things, organ meats, etc. There are few foods I will not ever eat in today's day and age. I exclude those because I do not fear someone is going to force an aspic on me. I will not eat mayonnaise, cream cheese in anything but frosting or cheescake, yogurt, ranch dressing or any white dressings, cottage cheese, and most importantly sour cream. The only time I have used sour cream is when I bake a cake and that took a lot of convincing that I won't taste it. I even gag when I put the sour cream into the batter and before I taste the batter. 

Am I weird or what? Don't answer it. I know this and accept it. I have a white food phobia and it befuddles me. I'll be alright if I don't have to ever eat those foods. In fact, I get pissed if I eat Taco Bell and they put sour cream on my tacos. Now I order Fresco style and they are safe. 

Anyway, I'm veering away from the beautiful stack of recipe cards in the 10 pound recipe card box for just a post. They will be back! 

For now, I'm going to be a drama queen about sour cream foods. 

Sour Cream The Gourmet Touch to Everyday Cooking, 1960. I had no idea sour cream tainting food would be gourmet. The pink of this booklet as well as the grinning housewife/newfound gourmet chef/witch casting a spell on that container of sour cream with her special spark wand makes me feel better. She's going to make it okay with a flick of the wrist!
Cooks of Central and Eastern Europe must have let the sweet cream that fermented into a tangy, thick cream food ferment a little too long. Carefully regulated dairy process is a phrase of the past. This book has reneged on its promise to make me a gourmand. I don't want to heat it gently or gently fold it into other ingredients.
I bet saltines go good by themselves for the nausea this will cause in me.
Look at how sophisticated they were to say "cuke" instead of "cucumber".
When I think of the Pacific, I imagine fried chicken breasts served with a flavored sour cream sauce and canned shrimp on top.
Oeufs Benedict Nouveau. I can loosely translate that into a new Eggs Benedict. Perhaps it doesn't call for the egg yolks to be cooked or the mock hollandaise sauce made with sour cream to be anything more than something you can peel off and set to the side.
Sometimes we just need a picture. This would be a delightful thing to gross out he masses. Oh well, my imagination is processing the horrors.
Heavenly 24-hour salad. Fruits and marshmallows stagnating in a sour cream sauce for 24 hours sounds heavenly.
Blue Cheese Tartar. Or a slab of rye bread with bleu cheese, sour cream smear, and a raw egg. What the hell were they thnking?
Sour Cream. Like it, hate it, love it. I will continue to hate it! 


  1. That is interesting. I know several that are that way about nuts and mushrooms and onions.

    1. It's like people who can't eat cilantro because to them tastes like dish soap.