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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Epitome of 1970's Food (Recipe cards #16)

Hello!! I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

We can all agree there is little beauty in the cookbooks of yesterdays long past and unearthed by myself and other bloggers. The creepy statues, parsley garnishes, odd backgrounds, gelatin, meatloaves, etc. Kitschy and fascinating at the same time. Looking at these books and cards is like a bad horror movie for me. I can't look away. I get gleeful and excited when I find a good set of cards or a book full of 1970's food monstrosities.

This is my second post about the 1973 Curtin recipe cards. Without a doubt, these are the ugliest and most blah set of cards in my collection. Therefore, in my weird and warped mind, they are awesome. Curtin cards show no effort in food photography or garnishes. Maybe they show how the finished product actually looks when done. I must respect the Curtin cards of 1973. 

Aloha! Nothing quite says the tropics like a big, long flat meatloaf with pineapple and green peppers.
I guess that's one way NOT to doctor up fish sticks.
A casserole  full of asparagus and cheese and other unmentionables. One must really have respect for the body chemistry altering properties of asparagus to think about making this for "that special someone".
Sigh..This Lima Bean Casserole lost its battle before it even entered the fight. Bless its little lima bean heart. This casserole did not ask to be made.
It's so..Pretty? No, that's not the word I am looking for. Damn. I'm at a loss here.
Same meatball recipe, same setting, same situation, same pile of balls.
This looks like it needs to be put in a Biohazard bag and incinerated in accordance with local laws regarding the proper disposal of decomposing tissue.
It's a grower, not a shower.
Perfectly formed turds atop a bed of maggots and peas. Who didn't predict that one?
It could be Cauliflower au Gratin or it could very well be an infected genital wart with lima beans and carrots. What is it with these cards using nasty vegetables and rice as the bedding for which Curtin could place their wares?
There's so much gross in one little egg. So..much...gross.
You know it's bad when this is the most normal looking card I've posted.
Somebody will have to use that menacing fork and stab me in the jugular before I eat this. I didn't edit the color. This one seems to be the brightest and yellowest card in this horrifying collection.
This should look like oven friend chicken. Not oven fried Leishmaniasis.
By adding an "e" to the end of the word and criss cross asparagus, king crab, this is "ELEGANTE." I think I'd rather just eat the king crap and forget the schematics.
Yep..That's pretty much what this is. No need to make any explanations. Odd combination. It's just too self explanatory for me to come up with anything. That's odd in itself.
Very clever. Instead of a mashed potato ring, this has sweet potatoes. I see what you did there, Curtin. How 21st century of you.

I hope you all enjoyed this latest quest to find the ugliest and most horrifying recipe cards!


  1. Those fish sticks!!! Oh dear. What a wonderful collection.

  2. This was hilarious!!! Brings back many childhood memories of looking through my mom's recipe box and cookbooks!