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Thursday, December 27, 2012

So this is what they called it?

Hello!! I hope everybody had a good Christmas for those who celebrate it. Ours was decent and like every year, I am glad it's over.

I'm taking a little detour from the usual slippery molded salads, odd fish concoctions, casseroles, stinky stuffed peppers. This booklet is just, well, cute.

I have never heard the words "party bait" except to think of hooking up or slipping a roofie in someone's drink. I know I'm always thinking the bad before the good. Who else in the year 2012 hears the words "party bait" and thinks of chocolate chip cookies? I guess that it meant something else in 1954.

Anyway, enjoy this short and sweet post. It's rare that I don't find content to disgust the masses, but I'm sure I can find a way. I always do. 

Party Bait: Nestlé's 'tout' sweet hostess primer, 1954
Listen to the morsel. Melt it, grind it, chop it, store it whole like a little mound of poop. Hmmm, interesting that the word "delish" predates Rachael Ray. The morsel does warn you when he gets above 86, his cocoa butter plays tricks and turns gray. But alas, he is okay. Just reheat to make the gray passé. That's reassuring enough. I don't know why I am assuming the morsel is a male.
Let's answer these questions and offer a few words, shall we? I don't care if I have lots of friends. No, I really really do not want to be known as the most popular hostess in my neighborhood. I certainly don't fret if the man in my life is acting a trifle indifferent lately. I'm the exception to the norm because I am in the sixteen to sixty age range. If my home is deserted, then I am getting some peace and quiet. I'm not going to "dessert" that man. If he doesn't like my store bought cookies and anemic white sweets, he can certainly high tail his fanny to H.E.B. and find something he likes. It's either witchery or Morsels from Heaven. Make up your mind Nestlé's! I don't think I would have made it very far in the 1950s with my mindset.
Danger! Danger! You must have a 10X5X3 pan to execute this luxury loaf. Maybe it's a luxury to have a pan that size. Those five little happy eggs are about to get cracked. *evil grin*
Line so...serve so...
It's all so sweet I feel my dental work imploding in my mouth, my pancreas sighing just from reading this.
Good thing there's a nut roll that looks like a nut roll of a turd or I wouldn't have anything to offer. It's so tapered at the end. Is it a sinker or a floater? A splasher or a plunker? I know, grow up. I say as long as I find pictures of food that looks like turds, it is fair game.

So... This kind of looks like the chaos that ensues when I make chocolate chip cookies. It's just a mess. Good to mention that shortening could be an alternate to butter at the very end.
If your stool is that colored, it's time to see a doctor. There could be some enzyme issues.
Nothing to make fun here. I just like the old logos.
 Let this rarity go down as the few times that I didn't gross anybody out aside from my juvenile quips about poop.

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