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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Salads and Brains and Faceless Hands

Good late evening to all. It's almost midnight CST so my nocturnal cogs are turning. It doesn't help that the kids are on break and my husband is on leave. They are in bed and now I have peace and I have quiet so I'll make a quick post and watch a little Investigation Discovery because that doesn't make me paranoid or anything. 

2012 is almost winding down. I'm getting ready to post my 98th post. I'm trying for 100 posts. I think I can do it. My nerd goal of every year is to read 100 books and I am just about to finish 103. 

I've had this Salad book for a while. It was unearthed while i was looking for holiday books. There are a few interesting ways to use brains in salads, but what really triggered the gross out effect and piqued my interested was the excessive use of hands. I know sometimes we use our hands to cook, but this goes above and beyond. I have a thing about strange hands touching food. After looking through this book, I think I will have to check my food for that stray arm hair. Maybe I just don't like the faceless hands. If I could put hairy knuckle to face, I might feel better. I know any time I go out to eat, my food is being pawed and handled. 

My facebook page is starting to pick up a little bit. If you happen to head over there for a "like" I would appreciate it. I promise I am not going to use your support for anything other than to promote my most recent blog or pictures I find in between posts. Participation is welcome! One day I will figure out how to add a FB box on here. 

Anyway, back to the post....

The Good Cook: Salads. Time Life Books, 1980. I know it's a little less retro than the books I use.
Tart Cultured cream. I can understand the first step. But what is this going to smell like after it's been fermenting? I don't know if I will have the guts to lift that cork lid. I'm gutless.
Making mayo. I'm seeing a lot of eggs, a lot of hands, whisking, oils, and the finished product. Eeew. Someone, somewhere says that looks delicious. I think it looks bad. Real bad.
I can deal with salt anchovies. I'm having a hard time with those furry arms.
Wine Jelly mold. I think I'll need to chew a few of these to go on with this blog entry.
There are the hands problem I speak of. First is the vinaigrette mixing. He's swirling it and twirling it with his finger.Where has that finger been? Is he going to lick his finger and go back to stirring? Using hands to coat the potato slices into the vinagrette. What is he just wiped his butt and didn't wash his hands? There are spoons that can be used to stir a potato salad. Really.
Molded Spring Vegetables in Herbed Jelly. It doesn't look gross. It just doesn't look edible.
Boiled beef salad. I am going to be good and not say what the schmear of tapenade looks like on those beef slices. See, i can be a grown up! Boiled beef salad. That sounds so bland.
Sliced Tongue Salad. Okay..
Brains:A Versatile Delicacy. Okay, I believe anyone out there who has eaten them and anybody else who is reading this and rolls their eyes at me for being so uncouth with my boring palate. I like my boring palate. At least I am not peeling the membrane from brains, dousing it in a big creamy sauce so nobody knows its brains. I see what you did there.
Oh looky, the gray blobs that are left after poaching the brains. Be sure to skim off any brain matter from the surface. I'm not sure that I will make it to step 4. But here is the finished product. Sliced brain chunks in a spinach vinaigrette with herbs.
Ceviche salad. I was nice and left out the manhandling of the fish.
Smoked Haddock Salad.
Cracked wheat salad. Maybe. Except right now it looks like the asteroid fuzz that gets everywhere in the movie Creepshow with Stephen King.
Sliced Duck and noodle salad
Salmon Aspic with Watercress Mousse. Okay that is weird.
You all ponder over those for a little bit. Have a great night!!!

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