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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Collection and Recap (Recipe Cards #19)

Just when you thought it was safe. Just when you thought there was a great possibility that the recipe cards were done, I have a new collection to flaunt. 

I'm going to catch anybody checking this blog out for the first time or wondering what the other 18 recipe cards entail. Here are some links: 

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Okay, if you've caught up, it's time to get into a little detail about this newest set. I found the 1978 Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Card Library on Ebay and of course I had to get it. I was expecting a little wee box like the Curtin cards came in but what I received was a mustard yellow box the size of a small tool box. It even has metal hinges! There are over 600 cards in this collection which shouldn't be to surprising considering the amount of Better Homes and Gardens books that were circulating during this time period. 

I had over 30 cards ready for this post. I narrowed it down to 14. 

I could almost not write a description. It practically writes itself. Look at all that corn. Look at the ground beef. Corn does not digest and the ground beef looks like poop already. Who needs a tomato wedge on top when you can substitute with warmed catsup (not ketchup).  
If I had a buffet table that needed a start, Buffet Glazed Salmon would not be on it. Piped seasoned cream cheese and a cold fish. How elegante!
These captions write themslves. This sounds bad. Hard cooked eggs with a bleu cheese (that's how it is spelled) sauce baked to perfection with crumbs added part way through the baking process.
No, I think I will continue to beg the question of what constitutes an easy summer meal. I can say that baking a Pickled Meatloaf early in the day is not on my list.
Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. At least the card says Chicken Liver Spaghetti is. Why waste your time and make a tomato sauced based spaghetti with a little meat added. Let's be risque and add chicken livers and wait patiently for the compliments this is sure to bring.
If you tought it couldn't get any worse, you are either new to my blog or are giving me the benefit of the doubt. This veal looks shriveled and sad, but it has eggs in the center and served cold. This isn't right. This isn't "Royale". This is gross.
I'm on a roll with these! This might even be a little too much with those who worship bacon. It is also served cold. Who wants to eat that? Who wants to eat it cold?
It was an interesting looking mold until the mayonnaise tuna had to go and ruin the chi of this lime jello celery, peacans, apple harmony. I do love me a nasty looking gelatin mold.
Unusal and made with mashed potatoes, mayonaise, hard cooked eggs, celery, onion, seasoning, rolled like a jelly roll with a cottage cheese filling. And this is a good idea, why?
Anyone else see the contradiction. It's an inviting vegetable salad, but it's also a forgotten salad. I kind of prefer this to just be forgotten. Ignorance was bliss for me. I'd like to forget about this too.
One the bottom it's cream cheese, crushed pineapple, cucumber and a little onion topped by a crown of lime gelatin. That's heavy. I don't know what else I can add to this. It's just heavy.
Canned celery soup gives the start, canned potatoes and sliced hot dogs complete this. Sure to be a hit somewhere.
Check that sheeit out Pinterest people who think that creating food bowls using inverted cups or muffin tins is something new. Not only can you do it with custard cups, but I bet the microwave will cook these burgres to perfection. No, I really don't and am not about to try.
This looks like organs that were removed from an infected animal and the medical exam showed the organs were just overrun with worms. I don't think this interesting worm filled pork will be served often.
Just think, there are hundreds more of these.


  1. I totally thought the forgotten salad had a chunck of raw chicken on top. Hahaha, my 3 year old came over right as I opened your post up, & after seeing the first picture she said "what is that??" I told her I was making it for dinner, she shut her eyes, got down, and walked away.

    1. My children are now numb to the horrors. Every time I see something unusually gross, I usually call them over to see for themselves. My son gets mad at me because I show him pictures of "tuhds". They are lucky I don't get too creative! I have 80 years' worth of recipes I can test on them.


    Hard to believe these are recipes from my teen years!
    And my husband wonders why I'm a picky eater!

    1. I was 4 when these came out. I think I'm starting to have flashbacks.