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Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's 6 P.M. Where's my dinner? (Recipe cards # 21)

Happy Saturday! I have a new recipe card set to show off. I think I've bought just about every card set from the 1970's. I'm looking for others and should I brag or keep it to myself that I have 8 different 1970's recipe card collections? It keeps things interesting around here. When I am bored, I go through them looking for 20 or so cards to scan. When I said I have a gazillion recipe cards, I was not joking. I think I have a gazllion recipe cards. Adding my newest addition, 1972 Dinner is Served set, I have a gazillion plus 118 cards.

These cards have a set schedule on the back for the sake of making life simple. Dinner must be served by 6 pm (or 1800 for you military folk) or else an ego crushing blow to one's womanhood is dealt. Maybe I should try this at the approximate time on the cards and see if I can do it since I am being such a sardonic little twit. I imagine there were pressures on the 1970's housewife to have dinner on the table by 6 o'clock every night. 

This is the first and only time I am including the recipe with each card. I bought a bad set so they curled and most of the scans look like this before I edited them:

Yes, I literally held down every card as I scanned them. I can't say I took the same pains for the recipe side but I don't think anybody is actually going to get inspiration to make these recipes. Bravo to those who do and I apologize for the blurs. 

At least this card gives you permission to do this the night before. A BOXED cake mix? The shame of it all! Let's hope the man who expects his dinner at 6 pm doesn't know of this phenomenon.

At least there is time allotted to ensure each bone gets the proper kumquat attention.

Is this a lesson in time management or what? If I had the task of making something that should only take an hour, count on it taking at least 3 hours.

Those have to be the most perfect, rubbery white, goldenrod yolk, fried eggs with the most proper scatter of pepper I have seen. But why go through the trouble to serve it on top of a hamburger patty? One or the other? I can smell the triglycerides increasing.

Want to know how much time I would make in preparing a meatloaf? Zero hours, zero minutes, and zero-thirty seconds. Even less time for Green Beans in Egg Sauce. There's no picture card for that. Darn it!

Oh boy. There aren't too many sounds as unique as the wet and squishy noise macaroni and cheese makes when it is being stirred. It's a fact and it cannot be ignored. I think salt is the only ingredient in this that I would eat. I do believe the husband who wants this prepared and sliced 6 pm needs his ass kicked. I wonder if the genius behind the photo and writing of this card laughed as he or she wrote "Bon Appetit! Enjoy Your Dinner!".

The roast must be 3 ribs. It must be standing. The horseradish sauce must be kept hot for 45 minutes. I am impressed allowing the meat to rest before carving it was included though. Orange tapioca. No. I think not.

I'm not going to say that ring of rice looks like a swarm of maggots. That would be predictable. See what I did there? I diverted the attention from the livers surrounded by rice that would take me four hours easily to pack into a well buttered ring without it collapsing. By making swarm of maggots my first sentence, that's all you can imagine.

Pickled beef tongue. 4-5 lbs of it. Not a tongue from your butcher. But pickled. I don't know how I can stay in a house that is heavy with the smell of simmering pickled tongue.

Is there anything good on here? Canned cream sauce, mayonnaise, catsup (not ketchup), tomatoes, hardboiled eggs. At least it only takes 2 hours from gross to finish.

No schedule of events? Do I have all day to make chicken aspic vegetable salad? Apparently so. I will give it credit for being colorful. Not that I want to go through this cooking process.

Maybe there's no time with these because nobody is going to take the time to make it?

Since I am on a roll with the gross pictures, why not end it on this? It looks so solid but so slippery. Someone in a kitchen somewhere decided to mix all of this together and see if it would work And that pink? Only 1970's molded food can pull this off.
   And on that note, enjoy!


  1. Good post! LOL. These recipes are the reason women were slender in the day. Can you imagine your mom refusing to let you leave the table until you've eaten everything on your plate!

    1. She did and we used to smear the stuff we didnt like under the table :)

  2. Check this out :D

    1. It's a great site. Not only have I checked it out a few months ago, but this blog is in the blog roll on her page :)