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Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Style or Not Quite

Hello! It's Sunday night and another weekend is over. Today was spent hiking with the family. I got my ass kicked trying to climb Enchanted Rock in Fredricksburg, Texas. Eventually I got my wind, ripped my favorite jeans on a boulder, had a near freakout moment trying to get to the top. Note to self: When climbing on a pink granite dome that is 425 feet tall, do not look down whilst standing at a 45 degree angle. 

The dark part next to the boulders is the part we climbed. For some reason my husband finds that to be THE place to begin the ascent. It's steep and harrowing.

Since I had such a delightful friggen time trying to get up that thing with my family, I figure tonight's post can be all about them. All kidding aside, it's the one place in Texas I really like to visit. 

I'm pulling out the punches with another McCall's cookbook. Again, do not confuse this 1965 version with the identical 1978 printing. It will be hard, but I think it's possible to differentiate between the two books.

This is going to be short and sweet. And, I am going to shamelessly plug my FB page on here too. Most of the posts on there aren't going to make it on here. Like this beauty for instance: 

Tuna Lime Ring from Favorite Recipes of America, Salads, 1968

Moving on, because I am rambling. 
McCall's Family Style Cookbook, 1965. Not to be confused with:
McCall's Family Style Cookbook, 1978. Lots of money and time must have went into tweaking the colors a bit and changing the date inside the book.
Any child or person of the 1960's and 1970's remembers groovy pictures drawn like this one. It's just how it was done and don't any of you "1980's or 1990's" whippersnappers judge.
If you get nothing whatsoever out of this blog post, please heed this. You've all heard that everything is better with bacon. I'm sure it's true. I haven't tried everything with bacon to base an opinion. Baked bananas with bacon surely is the exception to this rule. It sounds like a slippery banana greasy bacon mess that just might not go well together after all.
Is this a challenge? Because not only is this "mother-in-a-hurry" sure that her "off-spring" do not really love to cook, but I can also bet they will not find Eggs A La King "simply" delicious, nor could I convince said "off-spring" that a Blushing Bunny is something they are going to love and love to make.
Crazy and goofy marshmallow animals that could have passed for something cutesy in the 1960s. Who in their right mind is going to trust a kid with Leo the Lion and his toothpick torture device? The two little seagulls also look a little insidious.
Yes, because if there are just two of us, I am going to dwell upon whether or not someone is in the process of inventing miniature birds or something that does not involve leftovers. After spending our adult lives raising children, I'm pretty sure our minds will not be on cooking. And my mind sure as hell isn't going to be dwelling upon what I'm going to cook for him. Just saying.
Corned beef? Sure. Raw slab of beef? Most likely? But look at that fork! It's lethal! Not only does it look rusted and full of lead, but it has additional prongs. And look at that long and shiny knife. It looks like it will slice something more than just a corned beef.
This suggestion is lame on so many levels. If I'm watching what I am eating or trying to serve healthy foods to my family, why do they not need to know that I'm trying to lose weight? My family is not a bunch of judgmental assholes out to denigrate me for daring to lose a few pounds.
This large twine tied monster uber mega sandwich is a McCall's Magnifique. I don't think I need to say too much about it because it's so magnifique.
Oooh, I am clicking my heels with glee at this pizza. I want to eat a pizza with a raw curly sausage right next to it. Seems safe.
And that about does it for this McCall's edition. Thank goodness!!

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