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Monday, December 3, 2012

Birdy Birdy

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It's hard to believe December is already here. What can be said about a year that has been spent building an impressive library of old cookbooks and recipe cards? This wasn't even a thought in December 2011. 

Today is the day for the bird. In fact, I have chicken thawing out for dinner. I lack the finesse and flair to put my money where my mouth is and make anything using this cookbook. 

It is time to pay homage to the winged species that we eat. Most of us only eat chicken and turkey, maybe duck. To those brave enough to think outside the box and eat pheasant, quail, partridge, squab, goose, I secretly love you. Better Homes and Gardens does not because it wants chicken to be the front and center of this book. 

Better Homes and Gardens Favorite Ways With Chicken, 1967. Hooray chicken. Saving the world one bird at a time.
Flaming Chicken Jubilee. Inquiring minds want to know what type of accelerant was used to create a flame of uniform yellow color and create an edible effect. Not saying fruited chicken ablaze would be edible.

A shiny, plump, bumpy turkey with holly berries atop in such a festive display of goodwill and a show of thanks. I'd feel warm and fuzzy and this generous beauty, but I think holly berries are somewhat toxic and known to kill dogs. Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

Nothing too significant to report about this pair of ducks except they look like a couple of brown beached whales in the middle of a park. I think the artists are using the same type of wood varnish to keep these birds a similar shade of brown and a luster one can only find on woodwork.
Pheasant with apples. For a second, I thought it was duck. I guess I've been programmed to identify mystery meat based upon the animal statue in the background. That's what I get for assuming.

And I thought making a brine and soaking a turkey in it was a PITA. At least it doesn't require putting nails in it and sewing it up like a bad autopsy. 

Chicken and Saffron Rice. Nothing to see here. Just peas and chicken. Meh. I'm getting so bored with looking at chicken in this blog that I don't want to cook it tonight.

What cookbook of the 1960s would not be complete without the shiny chafing dish, cream of someshit, and toast points? For those without a sense of humor, it's a Chicken Cheese supper. It has ham in it but I guess making it Cheesy Chicken Ham supper would be pushing the word limits a bit.

Chicken Drumsticks, each with a Cone of Shame. 

Plum Glazed Chicken with Restuffed Baked Potatoes. Recipe for disaster with macabre results.

The maggoty chicken of the 1960s continues..

Hearty Chicken Salad. It's hearty alright. The wrinkly yellow casaba melon just makes the meal, doesn't it?

Jellied Turkey Salad. Deviled eggs and radish roses atop sliced turkey because turkey by itself is unfathomable.
Here's how to turn boring slices of turkey into individual circles of bliss using a # 2 1/2 can.
That's not a sandwich. It's a tower of power.

I end today's post with one idea for myself. I should not make a blog using chicken as my subject matter when I am supposed to cook chicken for dinner 

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