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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1970's finest (Recipe Cards #17)

These 1973 Curtin recipe cards just aren't going away. Just when I think I have put the last batch back into that atrocious mustard yellow plastic box, I find more that need to be scanned and shared. My offering includes 22 more dishes of mouth watering (not in a good way) recipes. 

Like I said in the previous post, the only optimistic thing I can say about these cards is there is no trickery or food doctoring to be seen. Look a cookbook of today. The foods are enlarged to show texture, photoshopped, colored, faded, etc. In other words, these cards probably look like the end results of something we would cook if any of us were into this type of food.

I have yet to find a beef stroganoff that does not resemble some sort of vomit from either a cat, dog, human. This omnipresent splatter does not disappoint.
Such perfect manicotti! Stuffed correctly, sauced evenly, sprinkle of cheese. What's this I see? Ripped noodles and sauce leaking into the spaces?
Simple folk that I am, I usually think of fruit when I think of a compote. Please don't ruin it for me! Who doesn't think beef chunks, bread cubes, prunes, raisins, canned yams, honey, almonds, onion, and lemon juice would make for an appetizing concoction?
Party time! These look like those frozen salisbury steak meals with the grill lines painted on them. Same shape and color.
This doesn't sound like a good idea no matter how I want to spin it.
A circle of hot dogs standing up with cream in the middle. Freud could have written a novel on the meaning behind this.
I'll admit I get a kind of twisted satsifaction at posting pictures like this. The "ick" factor is present. I need to gather some sympathy to anyone in 1973 who either decided to cook this or anybody who was forced to eat it. Hard cooked eggs, cream of mushrooms, celery, almonds, and milk served atop chow mein noodles. Damn this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. WHY?
What the deuce is this? Piped mashed perderders, cheese, green taco sauce, EGGS? Gah, 1970s people. There was no reason to torture your fellow man's palate and bowels with this.
This tomato is way overstuffed. After those two egg recipes, my mind is numb. The lone olive sure brings it all together.
Who is Maria and why should I care about her meatball soup? It almost could pass for normal though so I do care that Maria was able to make a not very traumatizing soup in the age of creamed eggs.
Puffs. I'm sure there's beef in there somewhere. Otherwise this looks like a very bad virus attacking a healthy erythrocyte.
Usually I comment about how these puffy casseroles could be just about anything. Judging from the honesty of the other cards, there could very well be Yorkshire chicken under that crust.
Ham rolled around asparagus and cheese then topped with canned or packaged Hollondaise sauce. Okay. I'm sure this was all the rage back then.
Green beans would have been fine on their own. Instead they have been tainted with cream of chicken soup, canned mushrooms, sour cream and french fried onions. That almost sounds like the prelude to a green bean casserole. Either love it or hate it. I choose not to think about it.
All hail the S.O.S. Shit on a shingle only with hardboiled eggs and cheese added and served over biscuits! It's 1973 Curtin's turn. Asparagus for all!!!
The thing about canned chili and corn is it's going to look exactly like it does in the picture when it makes its ass-searing reentry splash into the toilet.
There are many foods that can be combined to make a melange. Canned tuna, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower just should not melange. But,what the hell. This isn't the worst or oddest thing I've posted today.
That's right, fatty. That tape measure can either insult you or motivate you. The food is pretty insulting on its own.
That looks like a Hamburger Helper so I hate it just because of that. But, look at that glorious molded waldorf salad above it.
And that is one way to say "NO" if served for a dinner date.
Burnt orange lasagna. Looks scrumptious. I guess since it has "Roma" at the end, it must be the real deal.
This pink is quite the contrast from the other 21 cards. Maybe after looking at the others, a bowl full of strawberry gelatin, evaporated milk, frozen strawberries and artificial sweetener are not the worst thing imaginable.


  1. thanks for sharing..

  2. In the "chili-corn on English Muffins" they aren't even split in half. Or look toasted. Yuck.

    1. There are two things I will not eat raw. Pop Tarts and English Muffins.

  3. Is it wrong that I would eat those ham and asparagus rolls?
    A great post, hilarious as usual. Thank you!

    1. Thanks! husband said he would eat those too.

  4. I think someone should devote a blog solely to Frankfurter Crowns. They are all crazily amazing.

    1. If I was more organized, I could see myself devoting a page to them. I have more than enough pictures and recipes of them!