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Monday, November 12, 2012

Encyclopedia of wha?

Good Hello to everybody! I'm recovering from the past two days. No, it isn't as glamorous of partying my pants off (eew), but as a US Navy veteran, I ate myself stupid with a few of the Veteran's Day free meals. I guess that's a reward for giving nearly 12 years of my life to the military. For the other veterans and families of veterans out there, your service is appreciated! 

I'm not doing recipe cards today. I know it might come as a bit of a surprise and believe me, I have my next set sitting right next to me waiting to be scanned. This particular book has been taunting me so I have to retire it to my ever growing stack of books. In fact, this is another one of those that nearly got away when I was first starting this blog and had no idea what direction I was going to take. It's cute because I asked someone near and dear to me if she read it and her response was that it was interesting but "too long". I don't think I can make this shorter if I tried. Too much content would get lost if I did.

I'm using a Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking, Volume 1 today. I don't have the other 15 volumes but I will be on the lookout! 

Shoutout to Norma Johnson who owned this book in February of 1973 (before my time). You can run, but you can't hide. Even the black marker covering your signature will fade or someone like me will look through it to see who owned this book. 

Blogger is being very wonky tonight and my images are taking forever to load so if I'm lucky, I might have this up and running by 5 am :)

Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking Volume 1. Believe it or not, there are 15 more of these things floating around. Do I look or do I just accept this one? I think we all would be fine with just this volume or not? 

Eh, ignore the one or two shades of brown and note the little blurb: Your Ready Reference for a Lifetime of Good Eating. Just think of how slender and svelte and healthy we would be if we all followed the Family Circle Illustrate Library of Cooking. (This one only took a few minutes to load. O_o)

I'm appreciating my caption skills because this is taking so flipping long to load! But when I'm inspired, then I am inspired. Brown Ribs and the Lead Fork of Doom. Or in technical terms this is Spareribs Kon Koki, sizzling on a hibachi, aglisten with a rich glaze. I prefer Brown ribs and the Lead Fork of Doom. Who wants to eat food that aglistens? 

I think that glitch is fixed because this one was fast. With the first pic I was able to play 5 songs on the Smule Magic Piano. This looks like the scariest box lunch idea ever. Husband or kid opens their lunch box eagerly only to have a lobster clawing its way through a glob of mayonnaise. Opulent is not quite the word I would use to describe a person who eats this. To be opulent is to be hoity toity. Crazy is more apt of a description. 
BOMBES AWAY!! Okay, that was probably the lamest attempt at humor ever. When looking at this bombe, does anybody else wonder if it's hard and frozen, firm, squishy. What does it feel like? 
This mousse glacĂ© isn't playing around is it? There's no touching the inside to try to see if it's hard and frozen, firm, or squishy. Those points alone will sever your radial artery in less than three seconds. 
Everything and anything you need to know to either make it or break it in your 1970's kitchen. The fate of your cooking prowess rests on these gadgets. 
The stability of this pots and pans rack is something to question. Of course, it's probably still standing proud in someone's kitchen 40 years later. 
I'm not a gourmet cook but I have nightmares of having to cook enough food to feed an army. An army isn't exactly 5 or 6 people. 
The middle of nowhere seems like as good a spot as any to whip out the flimsy grill and roast some burgers and tomatoes. 
Burnt spillage does not look kitschy or down home. Burnt spillage looks exactly like burnt spillage. I bet nobody planned on using the phrase "burnt spillage" today. 
A pink fatty ham and what looks like a drawing from an A-ha video. Yes, I've aged myself. Don't judge. 
If I ever run out of food ideas, the first thing I am going to do is arrange a bunch of lettuce into a bowl shape and glop some mayonnaise on it. Okay, no, I will probably starve and I could afford that. 
Each and every time I see food lit up like this I think of The Shining. It is 100% creepy.

This was hours in the making, three different browsers, and a few choice words on my behalf. I hope it was worth it! If not, there are 15 other volume that I can find!! 



  1. Wow. What in the world are those shards clinging to the mousse? (Mind you, food clinging precariously to other food is a great photo op, as the prawns demonstrate!). Love these!

    1. I think they are a type of brittle. If you like prawns you are going to love my next post!!