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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Refrigerator's Dirge.

Today I am marching off the beaten path and making the Sears Coldspot Refrigerator-freezer my topic du jour. Why? Who didn't have one or know someone who had one in the 1970's? We had a Coppertone colored refrigerator to match all of the appliances. My father kept it until well into the 1990s. It was the beast that never quit! I found this booklet as I was sorting through his belongings several years ago. I think my sisters and I had a good laugh as we reminisced. If you had a refrigerator like this, you will know. If you did not, here's another education opportunity! 

Sears Coldspot Refrigerator-freezer promo booklet,  1970ish. I have seen countless pictures with this design. Matching appliances, wooden cabinets, a cool turntable thing embedded in the cabinet behind tha lady who just thrust a 20 pound grocery bag upon her child. Dandelion bellbottoms and parted hair. This is the 1970's life right here.  So hideous. I can smell the oniony meatloaf. I knew of someone with nearly the same layout. Cabinets and everything! 
Here is ours in its beauty. I still have that reddish orange container on top. That little plaque was made out of walnut shells. I don't remember what it said. My mother loved rainbows. This was taken in 1984 because of the Olympics calender. 1984. Durable piece of beast right there. Everything in the kitchen was this color. There was a washer and dryer in the kitchen. We were living large!
OMG who was that adorable little girl sitting on that post WWII era cold floor with the watermelon that is larger than her and the Pooh pajamas? My sister and I used to spin that hidden turntable type thing. Uhhh. I think I am trying to cut this watermelon. Okay. Well, that makes sense. Enjoy the Coppertone color and let's move on. This picture was dated in 1977 so I was entrusted with a knife long enough for my parent to grab his or her camera. In today's day and age, it would have been Instagramed and put on Facebook.
I don't know if I need to comment on this. I have a toddler's phone on my important desk, a big wheel in the background and "REDRUM" on my chalkboard. Good grief, could I get any more awesome than this? I don't think so! I even have a mushroom hairdo. Emulate me if you will!!
Here's the refrigerator I use today. I'm not a crazy magnet lady. I just buy one everywhere I go. I promise, after the "Redrum" pic, that I am not crazy. Alrighty, moving back to the 1970s.
No deed goes unpunished! Throw out your back, drop pounds of groceries on your sandaled feet, and you too will get a popsicle!
Never in all of the places I have lived has there ever been a more awesome ice maker. This one did not get stopped up too much and we actually trusted the water enough to put the weird crescent shaped cubes in our pepsi juice (my parents used to mix kool-aid and pepsi and call it pepsi juice. It was the 1970s! Don't judge!!!)
See those racks? Those are toe breaking racks right there! No need for any type of covering on anything. All you need to do is be a hand model and pinch grab stuff. Try pinch grabbing one of those racks. You'll find yourself pinched.
Let's just agree to disagree shall we? I will say it did not absorb odors. I opened that thing and had it belch leftovers in my face more often than not and imprinted on my soul enough that I am blogging about it over 30 years later.  Even food must be kept in its place and compartmentalized.
Cold water anytime indeed! It had a weird taste but it was always working and always cold. Who cars if your water is bubbling? Sears was way ahead of its time with the bottle clutter. Let me clarify #7. Overstuff those doors and get ready to have ALL of those condiments do a "straw that broke the camel's back" on your floor. How intriguing. Sprite and 7-Up together AND in the same compartment. Unity is possible!!
Look..At..Those..Shoes..Red, opened, laced to open the imagination of all house marms. Clunky but worth the swollen ankles and bunions 20 years down the road. So shiny!! I wouldn't wear laced tomatoes on my feet, but I'm not a fashion aficionado.

Seriously? Who is that dainty they can't pull a refrigerator out of the wall and push it back in place? The husband's not going to be there to do everything! Thank you for advertising the usefulness of this appliance and the elimination of a husband. His back health is of utmost concern. Forget if your bladder relapses onto the floor from the strain of pulling a refrigerator.
I think my sisters and I flicked that switch so often that nobody ever really knew what the default setting was.
Close the doors! You're letting the penguins out! Who has never heard that line before? And what did this girl do to deserve a hearty bowl of apples? I think this was the one my parents were interested in the most because of that faint circle around the water dispenser. They knew. They shopped well. None of us ever got a bowl of apples. Jeez lady, put some saran wrap on all of that uncovered stuff before everything tastes like festering pot roast.
Ahhh the egg box...
That's right. I still have it. I don't know how old the eggs are but I still have the egg box.
This must be the refrigerator for the Saran Wrap lady of my previous post.

Look at that tater. I don't know how it ended up in this booklet. My mother bowled a lot and traveled. This is from Milwaukee.

And on that note, I shall close. REDRUM!!! Any questions, I can be reached on my toddler phone.


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  1. We still have a Sears Coldspot Fridge in our basement from the 70s! We're not using it, but it still works and want to sell/get rid of it. Egg box and everything. You can have it! Awesome educational post.