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Friday, August 3, 2012

Oven Fried Betty

By the look at the title, guess whose book is being discussed? 

Since the majority of us actually have an oven and know how to use it, Betty Crocker assures us that "she" can inspire us to take it to another level with our ovens.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but I wasn't inspired to take my oven to the next level. Like any Betty Crocker cookbook, I was inspired to tag, scan, and blog about it. 

Betty Crocker's Easy Oven Meals, 1973. This is not the blinding green as the previous two entries. I remember this shade of orange from the 1970s. I feel better knowing that the heat is no long on me. 500 degrees gets a little warm. I don't want to singe my air hair off.
Betty, Betty, Betty.....How am I to continue this book without an encouraging letter from "you"? Just to let you know, when I cook with my oven, I don't just turn around and get about my day. I check on it. Did "you" know, Betty of the 1970s, that our ovens and microwaves are equipped with a timer? Say it isn't so! Betty, I want to see how ingeniously my oven can turn these things out. I bet they wouldn't if I didn't have this book.
When Betty implies that ground beef and beets are suitable for a czar, which one is "she" implying? If my history serves me right, a real Czar would probably not take a liking to the name of the Hamburger meal. Betty et al needs a history lesson.
There was a time 12 years ago when I thought this could represent Italy. Surely. Then I lived in Italy for 3 years. I never saw a tossed salad with those vegetables and I surely did not see bottled Italian dressing. Jarred spaghetti sauce was also not a commodity. But go ahead and have your "taste of Italy", but I'm going to call you WRONG!!
Italian Beef..right..The Napolitanos did not consume this fare either. But again, you are taking the shortcut to Italy and I'm the backseat driver.
Steak Di Napoli? With a can of spaghetti sauce? Oh really? What is this delicacy going to look like? 

Steak Di Napoli. This has NOTHING to do with the culture and food of Napoli. Go away Betty!! "You" are fired!!!
Individual Barbecue Meatloaves. Yes, they were called "tuhds". It's such a joy to know you will get your own meatloaf. There are few things to please someone so much as to having an individual barbecue meatloaf.
I think I am going to do exactly that. I am going to ask someone what the most glamorous dessert of all is and wonder what the chances are they say Baked Alaska.
Sauerbraten Stew. I do know that I will not be making Sauerbraten stew any time in the near future. My oven is going to have to lose the opportunity to shine.
Dammit. I was going to cross steamed pudding off my menu so now I can't make an excuse. I can oven steam date bar mix. Sounds tasty.
A brilliant way to get the kids to clean their plates is the threat of denying dessert. They don't have to know dessert is an apricot-prune upside down cake. Granted there might be major trust issues for many years to come.
Mexican Chicken and Rice. If "you" say so Betty.
 This was short and sweet. The book was short and sweet. We can be thankful for that. Even better is the trilogy of Betty Crocker books has been completed. 

Now I'm going to go tell my oven how much of a genius it really is. A happy oven is a good oven. 


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