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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Piss Poor Planning On Your Behalf Does Not Constitute An Emergency On Mine. Words to live by. Spend an entire month planning, shopping, cooking, cooling, wrapping, labeling, freezing meals. If need be, buy several freezers. You never know when you are going to need to pull out a meatloaf from six months ago and cook it. A death or birth? Just grab a recycled chicken pot pie and deliver it to neighbors who will put it in one of their several freezers and pay it forward to the next person who they feel can benefit from something precooked and frozen. All you have to do is change the label and nobody will ever know the difference because they aren't going to eat it anyway!

Good luck getting your Pyrex back. 

Betty Crocker, or Betty, rears her perfectly coiffed head once again. This time she tells us we NEED not have room in our freezers for anything but precooked meals. We NEED to devote time and energy to cooking and freezing because it's such a waste to just cook as you go. 

Betty Crocker's Do Ahead Cookbook, 1973

No I have not seen all of these cookbooks. Thank you Betty for putting the bug in my ear. Pay attention to these titles. If they haven't been made into a blog entry, the books WILL be found and will be posted!
With 16 pounds of ground meat we all can have meatballs whenever and wherever. Because we have time to roll a gazillion meatballs.
I think my son's getting mad at me. Instead of pointing and saying "tuhhhds" when I ask him what these look like, he pushes the book away and tells me to stop showing him nasty food. Even he knows and he's five. No Hamburger-Onion Hoedowns are currently stored in my freezer.
I could comment on the red sauce made two different ways, but I am intrigued by the pitchfork on the left. What purpose does it serve? Should one have a tetanus booster prior to spearing a slice of steak and raw green peppers with mushrooms put in the middle? Or do we wrap the noodles around the tines? One wrong move and you can pierce your cheek.
It's blurry, but the word after "beef" is actually the page number to the book. Betty is so pompous that she thinks that this book is always going to be on hand as a reference.
Do NOT throw away those aluminum trays from TV dinners. Nope. They can be refilled and baked over and over and over again. Or just spend a few dollars on a new freezer meal. It's like reusing a ziploc bag or something.
Because it is so time consuming to make french toast.
A tube of blood requires less information than a container of Sweet and Sour Pork. Hopefully nobody still has this in their freezer. 40 years is a bit past the due date.
Spinach Meat Roll. No idea what the dutch oven in the background is for considering the loaf to pot ratio is a bit off. But look at those inviting cheese triangles! Or just look at the pot because this looks pretty disgusting.
Ham can stand alone pretty good. It doesn't need a crown of apricots with a clove put in the center. What are they hiding with this circular blanket? What lies beneath?
A jellied salmon loaf. Canned salmon and cucumbers submerged for all eternity in a gelatinous bliss. That's taking this whole make ahead to a different level.
How long will these layers stay together before they slide off each other and make this just another mold of failure?
The cookies Santa left behind. Rolls and rolls of them.
I think I will risk the time lost and not hog up my freezer with things that will eventually just taste like each other and probably freezer burn. Where am I going to store my ice cream?

Until next time!!

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