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Monday, July 30, 2012

Penny Pinching the Betty Way

Yes, this post is another one devoted to Betty Crocker. No, I do not admire "her" enough to make every blog from here on out about why there was so much bad from Betty Crocker. Keep in mind that there were hundreds of Betty Crocker books that have been published. 

Financial woes fall upon everybody. Household budgets need to be maintained. Betty Crocker has a surefire way to do just that! I speak fluent sarcasm. 1973 or 2012. What's the difference? 

I know every penny counts but I'd rather spend my extra pennies on food of a higher quality. 

Now that you are all licking your chops and eyes are scanning your screens maniacally, I will begin! 

Betty Crocker's Money Saving Dinners, 1973. The green is not as blinding as yesterday. More-dashes-between words. If I suck as a cook, I can come out on top handily and happily because Betty Crocker is quite the strategic one! I have no idea what a season-up is but I'm willing to learn.
A motivational and inspiring greeting from Betty Crocker "herself". Aside from my this being a bad scan, it's a bevy of information. Three sections, three ideas, and a CHALLENGE! I love a good challenge..and a need for change. I see this as a downgrade. I'll pass on this chance. There are 32 opportunities to cook creatively. Let's get on that! The state of my budget is my guide.
Oooh Betty's first Good-Buy Word!! Getting the most out of protein with beans sounds harmless. The sad, forlorn faces of the meat sources outside is enough to make my nose tickle and a tear to form.
BAHAHAHA. In 1973 costs for seasonal vegetables is lower and the quality is higher. Unless we shop at farmer's markets, chances are that tomato has been sitting unripe for weeks. The nutritional value of canned vegetables is practically nonexistent whether it's Grade A or Fancy. Nice try at touting the canned goods, Bets. Nice try.
I admit, my vocabulary has some weak points. And the word "fillip" had me thinking Betty was trying to single out Filipinos. However, I looked it up and it means several things. One of which is something that stimulates or excites. Also something stimulating or arousing. Finally, something of little importance. Americans must get excited and aroused at frankfurters. What does that say for our society? We love the weiner!
I'm not going to keep my eye out for ground beef supplemented with vegetable protein sources. What a cute way of saying "it all broils down". I see what you did there, Betty. I see. Cute.
Kraut N'Sausage Ring. I don't think I need to say much more about this. It's self explanatory. It shouldn't be, but it is.
Mmmmm..cannelloni. So saucy and cheesy and melted. I just HAVE to have this recipe.
Chicken livers. This recipe has chicken livers in it. Forget payoff and cashing on a good thing and molto bene.Vaffanculo Betty! If I learned anything during my years in Italy, it was the important words.
Because process cheese spread is so good for you.
Everyone gets a meatloaf. Everyone. That's the world we live in. A meatloaf for everyone. Or, tuhds.
All kidding aside, these are the whitest damn apples I have ever seen. No adjustments were made during the scanning process. Does this shade of white exist in nature? Certainly not with apples.
Sometimes, quality wins out. Sometimes a bag of potatoes goes farther than potato flakes. Another nice try at touting the processed stuff.
My children are not dumb. I'm pretty sure they are going to catch on to drinking reconstituted dry milk. They are wise little beings. They might be wiser to what I am trying to sneak past them.
Alright. I have posted some gross pictures. I know that. The purpose of my blog is to point this out. Nothing is as disgusting to me as what looks like maggots are crawling over this chicken. What is on top? Maggots. Chow mein noodles is what is in the recipe. I can't get past this maggot chicken. It looks like it is moving if I shift my eyes. GAG!

A penny saved is a penny earned. 

U.N.T. (like that? I abbreviated it.). 

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