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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Calories, Calories

Yes, this is the second blog post in one day. Sometimes when the inspiration hits, I have to act on it or writer's block hits me and I stare at a book that I tabbed, reaching into the depths of my mind to pull out something readable.

I originally planned to put today's earlier entry together with this one since they are both tackling the same subject, but meh, I had to approach them with different angles.

From what I am reading in this 1970's Better Homes and Gardens book, Counting Calories, the focus shifted away from "reducing" and that weird color block exchange chart. From the looks of these recipes and the contents, I guess they weren't too worried about fat. Just a calorie that can be subjective based on whomever prepares the food. 

Better Home and Gardens Calorie Counters Cookbook, 1970. Yes, I know what looks like is on the plate and I have been warned by a certain 5 year old to stop showing him "tuhds".
Don't knock butterfly antennae 'til you tried it. Maybe that thing called "metabolism" has something to do with this. By gum, the only time a physician is going to scare the living daylights out of me and induce motivation is if I hear something like "I'm going to have to run further tests on you" or "I need to refer you to a specialist". I move around every few years, seldom see the same doctor, so I have yet to meet a doctor who is going to scare the crap out of me. So by gum, I'll be alright. Doctors just aren't that scary anymore. Fifteen minutes rarely is enough to establish the fear level.
Mushroom Cocktail. The ingredients are mushrooms, lettuce, and catsup (not ketchup). How hungry does one have to be to consider this edible?
Who doesn't have marinated brussels sprouts on hand for a snack between meals? I thought the general public was akin to this phenomenon.
Looks like it's dieters vs non dieters. Do the dieters get to eat just the shrimp? The recipe for the dip calls for a carton of cottage cheese, dill dip mix, and a few other things that I won't mention. Red cocktail sauce seems like a viable alternative.
I do not mind onions per se. I just cannot stand cooking them and having my house smell like onions for the next day or two. This looks like at least three days of onion stench that will get in hair, clothes, etc.
Hold it right there!! There are some things that should never ever be made together. Fish and pizza like topping should be included in this. It looks like a skin graft that didn't take.
There are only six eggs in this tomato egg scramble and some skim milk so I guess it's okay.
This aspic does not look like it has maggots in it. This aspic does not look like maggots in it. If I keep repeating that phrase then maybe it won't. What is floating around in it? Crab meat. Canned crab meat. Oh lawdy lawdy!
Orange Perfection Salad. Made with orange jello and not lime. Still not interested in trying it.
To think less than 5 months ago, molded salads were not floating around my mind. Getting back to the low calorie theme, this is a Raspberry Cheese mold. Raspberry Jello, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, chopped celery. Gags o'plenty.
I haven't seen one of these yet. Coffee chiffon torte mold. I guess you have to really be into coffee to want to eat this.

If this doesn't encourage severe calorie counting then I don't know what will.

Until next time!! 

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