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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When Casseroles Go Bad Pt. 2

Yes, there is a sequel to this series. 

To refresh a mind that wants to unthink this whole ordeal, the cookbook below was the one used:

Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book, 1969
If anyone eats this, there's going to be more than a salami cornucopia radiating after this digests

There was nothing spared in decoration on this Seedy Supper aka Meatball pie with crushed cereal and sesame seeds served atop canned biscuits.

Corned Beef Bake. The cheese triangles are overlapping ever so perfect with just the right amount of seepage.

I'll take mine with syrup. I appreciate the effort in making a chicken pecan sauce and broiling canned peaches but I'm trying to cut glop out of my diet. Nice gold ladle by the way.

Jumbo Cornburger. I wish I was making that up and this really never existed, but at one time a huge burger with an ungodly amount of canned corn did become the filling of a hamburger..

No guest will leave unimpressed by this Deviled Corn and Crab with the right amount of eggs and olives atop it. But that doesn't mean anyone is really going to enjoy what they might be eating.

Hope you enjoyed or at least left with a morbid fascination because there are plenty more to come!!

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