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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time to get started!!

Let's get started with a few interesting recipes, shall we. For these, I am going to use Foodarama Party Book, 1959. This book contains many hints and tips on how to conduct parties for holidays and children of all ages. 

Foodarama Party Book, 1959.
 Let's start with a few good ones. Any cookbook I go through from this era always has the ladies gathering to play bridge or have brunch. Main dish is usually some scary looking lobster slop or an even scarier and deceiving meat and mayo cake. Shudder and continue..

"I saw red, when I opened up the door, I saw red, my heart just spilled onto the floor. I didn't need to see his face, I saw yours. I saw red then I closed the door." Warrant, I Saw Red (Foodarama Party Book, 1959)

Since those of us in 2012 make it a point make a dinner for Washington's birthday (when is it?), it apparently can be anything. (Foodarama Party Book 1959)

1959 Stereotype that the ladies all played bridge and ate Lobster Medley/Thermidor for whatever feminine sounding meal. .(Foodarama Party Book, 1959)

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