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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Sinister Side of Betty Crocker and Youth Indoctrination

The best part about blogging is I don't exactly know the full story until the cookbook is on the scanner. I scan pages with one story idea and it morphs into something completely different. This post was going to be more like the previous post, but as the pages showed up on my screen, it became all too obvious that Betty had some evil intentions back in 1957. This involved our parents as children and explains why everything is in a state of disarray.

Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls, 1957. It just looks like something out of a 50's sitcom

Remember these 12 home testers. I'll get back to them later.

Eric will go on to discover that if he mixes household chemicals and decongestants with his chemistry set, he will have learned to "cook" and find various ways to introduce what he mixes up to his body.

I'm pretty sure we still call a yellow cake with chocolate icing a chocolate layer cake. Nice try at rebranding, Betty. I have my EYE on YOU (points).
Peter breaks my heart. He made a cake for his dad's birthday. He measured the ingredients, sifted, sat in a hot kitchen, mixed the peanut creme icing and all his dad could say was that it was "keen". I bet Dad never got a cake from Peter again.

Hold it right there, kids. Serve these cereal greats to Fatso and Old Black Joe, you are liable to find the busy end of that spoon shoved up where the sun don't shine.
Oh if only kids really did this in the morning! Usually we are woke up by them fighting over the TV. And let's ask Peter what happens when he makes any type of cake for Dad. The initials on a pancake won't fly either.

Now hold it right there Betty Crocker! That straw pig does not need to be a witness to the sight and smell of his ilk shaped into a hotdog and wrapped in a blanket. That is just mean!

The nightmare is not over. What became of the home testers? Let's just say only 3 got away. The rest did not realize what Betty was really teaching them. 

 And on that note, have a happy Saturday!!!


  1. Paula Deen has nothing on Betty Crocker, OLD BLACK JOE??? SMH.

  2. Deen has nothing on Betty Crocker, OLD BLACK JOE??? SMH.