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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving on

Here is just one of many cookbooks from Better Homes and Gardens:

Better Homes and Gardens, Make Ahead Cookbook 1973
There's no lending of tradition with the Cherry-Cran Salad made with mayo, cream cheese,marshmallow bits. Just open a dang can of cranberry sauce and fight over who gets the end pieces with the line!

If you douse our ham with a generouse coating of shellac and draw lines on it, nobody will know if you grilled it or not.
What is considered colorful is certainly subjective in this picture of a Turkey Aspic. 
This Fruited Nector Gelatin Salad looks edible but the big glob of  mayo in the middle is a true dealbreaker.

If I ever hosted a brumch and that is a HUGE if , The Blue Cheese Egg Bake will certainly NOT be something I plan to use as the main dish!

 Somtimes a pancake is just a pancake and all it needs is some maple syrup.

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